Computer Network is also termed as data network and involves a telecommunication network to exchange data with the other system. Computer Networking is the branch of computer science, telecommunications, electrical engineering as well as computer engineering and it depends on applications of computer discipline. Computer network allows users to email, telephone, message, video-conference and others. Computer network allows sharing information such as files, data and much more.

Computer Network is a much challenging subject and involves complexity in understanding algorithms, charts, structures and others. Computer Network is a domain of computer science and covers several subjects such as firmware, machine language, memory addressing, assembly language and much more.

Computer Network is used to link various computer users in defined parameters. The chief functions of computer networks is to store, update, share and classify data. Many a times, computers are linked to create a network via cables and electronic gadgets like modems and others. The networks are used for many facilities such as instant messaging, video conferencing via email and much more. The networks also allow multiple users to share a single hardware device such as a scanner or a printer. The networks also enable file sharing through the network. The network allows sharing of software or operating programs on remote systems. It makes the information easier to access and maintain among network users. Our experts are herewith available if you want to know the facilities that you wish to acquire from computer networks in a detailed manner.

There exists various types of computer network such as those mentioned below:

  1. Networking sample – Database management system
  2. WAN (Wide Area Nework)
  3. LAN (Local Area Network)
  4. Internet
  5. Networking sample – Java Console Application
  6. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
  7. WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
  8. CAN (Campus Area Network)
  9. SAN (Storage Area Network)
  10. PAN (Personal Area Network)
  11. Networking sample – Java programming
  12. SAN – System Area Network


Computer Networking is the face of computing, and allows users to connect across the globe. The assignment experts help us evaluate the negative aspects too such as security risks, workplace distractions and others. Our experts highlight the cost as one of the major cons of the network. You need to invest a lot of money if you are setting a network for the purpose of a business. Networking allows users to communicate in ways that are not possible before this technology was developed. Instant messaging allows users to talk real time and send files on another side of the world. This is a potential boon for business users to access the vast information. It is highly important for you to understand both the hardware as well as software resources necessary for a well-designed network. This in turn increases efficiency and facilitates workplace collaboration. Many years ago, the data was commonly shared by copying it to removable media and physically carrying it to another location. However, sharing information now is quite quick and efficient.


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