Bioinformatics is a stream of computational biology. This subject refers to a strategy for acquisition, storage visualization and evaluation of biological information. The study includes the development of algorithm as well as numbers for getting the relationship amongst big sets of biological data. It is also concerned with the creation of database for access, storage and direction of information and substantial biological data set. It performs evaluation and interpretation of biological data such as amino acid sequences, nucleotide sequences and others. Various biological disciplines are studied well under this subject such as Neurosciences, Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Computational Biology, Biotechnology and others. The study of bioinformatics provides mathematical alternatives, so as to introduce evaluations.

The study of bioinformatics involves the study of biological molecules, DNA, RNA, proteins, and many more living species like human beings. It also encompasses the study of various other disciplines such as microbiology, bioprocessing, genetics as well as bio-robotics. Microbiology is the study that deals with study of different microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. Bioprocessing deals with systems and processes to improve and enhance the production and manufacture of products. The study of Genetics involves the study of various factors such as genes, mutations, heredity and others. The study of Bio-robotics involves the study of machine replacements of various organic functions in living beings.

Bioinformatics is a complex area of study that incorporates the use of statistics, mathematics, computer science, engineering, and few more. Bioinformatics may also be termed as the combination of biology and technology. It is an interdisciplinary field using the methods of computer software and hardware for acquisition, storage analysis and visualization of biological information. The study of bioinformatics involves huge calculations. The study of bioinformatics uses tools to develop algorithms and statistics to organize and store biological data for accessing the relationship between big sets of data. Bioinformatics helps in developing techniques and database for efficient storage, acces and managemen of bioilogical information and data sets. The various topics involved in the study of Bioinformatics are:

Algorithms in Biology: This focuses much on algorithms for solving biological problems along with various challenges. This includes study of protein analysis and classification, annotation of genes and genome analysis, molecular evolution and docking, biological sequence comparison and algorithms for RNA structure.

Applications of microarray technology: This comprises of microarray technology and its applications within cancer classifications and diagnostics, antibody arrays for biomarker discovery, stem cell biology, proteome arrays, antibody arrays and much more. This technology has many applications in gene discovery, disease diagnosis, drug discovery and toxicological research.

Biomedical Informatics: This study covers concepts of biomedical research, healthcare, medical education and much more. It covers aspects related to molecular biology and genomics.

Computational Genomics: This field covers aspects such as protein-protein interactions, genetic interactions, metabolic networks, regulatory networks and much more. This branch of study also focuses on analyzing biological network structure, techniques for reconstructing networks, evaluating properties of biological networks and much more.

Computer Applications in Molecular Biology: This field covers many aspects such as computer science application in biotechnology, use of electronic assets for molecular biology, multiple sequence analysis, protein structures and much more.

DNA sequencing and assembly: This refers to the process of understanding the hierarchy of nucleotides in DNA molecules using a variety of techniques. It refers to the process of taking the DNA sequence fragments and compiling them to form a genome.

Genomics: This study describes the application of genomics to the study of gene functions in humans and model organisms, molecular evolutions and genetic variations. It becomes important to understand genetic mapping and analysis of DNA sequence to find variations that affect health and disease response.

Comparative Genomics: This study explains how living organisms are related to or affected by the tree of life. The study explains how sequence genomes evaluate data and fundamental questions in biology are raised.


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