The subject of ‘Civil Law’ (also known as the Common Law’ or ‘Non criminal Law’) deals with rights and duties of individuals or corporations in a country. It is one of the most widespread systems of Law in the legal system. Civil Law can also be divided into procedural and substantive law. The issues related to defamation, nuisance, negligence, land, etc are covered under civil lawsuits. The civil lawyers look after the rights and duties of individuals. These laws can be used to get compensation for injury to the victim.

The property law, housing law, discrimination law, social security law, mental health law, veteran’s law, legal help in natural disasters, components of torts, contracts, etc. – all fall in the category of Civil Law and are filed in the Civil Court. Few of these laws are also explained below:

HOUSING LAW: This law deals with analyzing how to secure the rights of tenants as well as listing about responsibilities that must be followed by landlords. It might include bonds, repairs, eviction, tenancy agreements and much more.

DISCRIMINTION LAW: Under this law, you might have to deal with acts such as Age Discrimination Act. Disability Discrimination Act, Sex Discrimination Act and others. You also need to have a good knowledge of Australian Human Rights Commission who manages complaints of unlawful discrimination.

SOCIAL SECURITY LAW: These assignments deal with Disability Support Pension payments, Residence issues, Compensation issues, Asset and income test issues and much more. Our Civil Law experts look into the jurisdiction related issues with respect to a tribunal or court.

MENTAL HEALTH LAW: These assignments focus on issues such as appeals against denying from mental health facility, ramifications of Mental Health Act and much more.

VETERANS’ LAW: These assignments help us understand every facility that the government of Australia provides to war veterans, widows and their dependants. It also looks after Veterans’ Advocacy Service, which gives independent advice regarding rights and entitlements under Veteran’s Entitlements Act (1986), Safety Rehabilitation Compensation Act (1988) and Military Rehabilitation Compensation Act (2004).

LEGAL HELP FOR VICTIMS OF NATURAL DISASTERS: These assignments usually deal with insurance claims related to natural disasters.


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Various topics have been covered by our experts under Civil Law Assignment Help. Few of them are listed below:

  • Outline of Civil Law
  • Civil Code
  • Administrative Law
  • Critical Legal Studies
  • Civil Society
  • Law Enforcement
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Agrarian Law
  • Restitution


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