The field of study of International Relations is also termed as International Studies, Global Studies or study of Global Affairs. It refers to the interconnectedness of politics, economics and law at a global level. The field of international relations draws other fields of study such as politics, economics, international law, communication studies, history, sociology, criminology, demography, psychology, gender studies and others. Various issues are discussed in this field of study such as globalization, diplomatic relations, state sovereignty, international security, ecological sustainability, economic development, terrorism, human rights, global finance, nuclear proliferation and others.

This field of study is normally considered to be a part pf human resource department of an organization which makes efforts to establish relations at an international level. It emphasizes on the skills of building relationships which thereby help in building successful exchange of thoughts or businesses or services. This field of study helps you to understand inter and intra-relations of countries, global issues and global impacts due to diplomatic relations. This subject also gives the opportunity to understand and learn much about the dynamics to international relations under geo-politics, contemporary international politics analysis, power and security, global governance and much more. The study of International Relations studies addresses many concerns such as social movements, global governance, political economy of a country, intercultural relations, ethnical identities, foreign policies, international security, terrorism, media issues, environment issues and much more.

The aspects of International Relations are constituted by International organizations and institutions such as the United Nations, European Union, G7, World Health Organization (WHO), International Criminal Court and World Trade Organization. In the context of trade, countries interact with each other for import as well as export. Trade establishes a basis of mutual benefits in international relations. Nations depend on each other for manpower, skilled and casual.


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