A case study analysis refers to investigation of a business problem, examination of alternative solutions, and proposition of the most effective solution to support evidence. There are specific guidelines to prepare and understand a case study. It is important to read and examine a case thoroughly. Therefore, penning down notes, highlighting relevant facts and underlining key problems is important.  It is also important to focus your analysis on key problems as well as aims and objectives of any given case. Also, efforts need to be made to uncover possible solutions and therefore, definite course readings and discussions need to be made. It is also important to consider strong supporting evidence and mention pros and cons of the case study project so as to have realistic solutions.

After gathering sufficient information about the case study, it becomes important to draft the analysis in the following sections:

  • INTRODUCTION: This section of the case study identifies the main problems and issues revolving around the case. It also discusses the aims and objectives of the study and gives basic information of the area of study.
  • BACKGROUND: This section of the case study gives background information on relevant facts and important issues. It also helps in demonstration of various problems revolving around the case.
  • ALTERNATIVES: This section of the case study explains and outlines possible alternatives which are accepted and rejected. It also explains various constraints and reasons behind the same. Also, alternatives which are not possible are well-explained and elaborated.
  • PROPOSED SOLUTION: This section of the case study provides atleast one specific and realistic solution. It also explains why this solution was chosen. The solutions are well supported by solid evidence.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: This section includes and discusses specific strategies for accomplishing proposed solutions. Many actions are recommended to resolve the underlying issu It is also determined well as to what should be done and who precisely should do it.


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