A dissertation is the most important piece of academic writing that you mostly submit at the end of your course. It is obviously an important submission in your educational journey. A dissertation showcases your capacity and skills to execute research in your area of study and present results thereafter. The term “dissertation” is also used for the final project submitted by PhD candidates who make stringent efforts to gain their doctoral degree.

Many a times, students start writing dissertations with enthusiasm. But, gradually, they face many difficulties due to lack of research and writing skills, lack of adequate resources as well as lack of sufficient time. The process of writing a dissertation is indeed complex and challenging. The end result of writing a dissertation is indeed rewarding and you might face many obstacles within the process. You might also face many problems in writing dissertations and these are as follows:

  • LACK OF WRITING SKILLS: Dissertation writing follows strict rules of academic writing. It is important to write dissertations in appropriate style, format and language, referencing – as per the guidelines.
  • LACK OF RESEARCH SKILLS: At times, students do not have sufficient skills to write dissertations due to lack of research skills. To write effective dissertations, it is important to analyse data thoroughly and discuss them in paper.

A dissertation proposal needs to be written in an appropriate format, details of which are mentioned below:

  • DISSERTATION TITLE: This needs to be short, specific and descriptive.
  • OBJECTIVES: This conveys the main goals of research that you need to focus on. It is mostly listed in points and you need to narrow it down specifically.
  • LITERATURE REVIEW: This section mostly consists of secondary research data and details of prior work done in the area of study. It also mentions areas of study, schools of thought and other sources of information applied during the research stage.
  • RESEARCH QUESTIONS: This section mentions the main research questions needed to execute research. It clearly outlines the area of research.
  • METHODOLOGY: In this section, you need to mention various methods of collecting data. The project could be empirical or non-empirical. You are expected to mention details of data collection methods for primary as well as secondary research.
  • POTENTIAL OUTCOMES: In this section, you need to elaborate on various outcomes of research and data analysis. Therefore, explain the potential outcomes that you need to come down to.
  • TIME-FRAME: Herein, you are expected to create a schedule that explains how you would manage various stages of dissertation writing, within a given time frame.
  • REFERENCES: Herein, you are expected to include referencing as per the style given, such as Harvard referencing, APA style, Chicago referencing, MLA style and many more.

A dissertation research helps in determining the overall development of the project. It is important to find enough resources to understand the phenomenon of research. Also, it is important to find the most appropriate places to look for sources. It is advisable to double check all information to make sure that it comes from a trustworthy resource. It is also important to organize all resources. The dissertation section includes introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, conclusions, references and bibliography.

While writing a dissertation, it is important to effectively manage time focused on the writing process. It is also important to plan how to complete all chapters of the dissertation. If the goals are attainable, you would not be overwhelmed or confused with the length and complexity of the dissertation. The research finding stage is very important in dissertation writing as it showcases your intellectual capacity.

On completion of the dissertation, it becomes important to edit and proofread it to make it a flawless piece of work. There is much difference between editing and proofreading. It is important to find gaps in the given information. You need to focus on spellings, grammar, errors and much more. Therefore, make sure you read word by word, sentence by sentence. You may also consult a dictionary whenever required. It is also important to get a feedback from a friend or a colleague after completion of dissertation writing procedure.


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