The branch of Commercial Law deals with laws that bind different parts of business whether it is the contracts, transactions, advertising, marketing and others.  It is important for you to understand the working of these laws extensively and how they affect businesses today. Commercial Law also has to deal with domestic and foreign transactions which operate under its legalities. This law also deals with various components of business such as promoting and publicizing, contracts, financial matters, insolvency and accumulations, anchored exchanges, residential and remote exchanges and much more.

By studying Commercial Law, you might get detailed understanding of various elements and aspects of monetary markets, finances and investments, administration of local and international businesses, managing operations and information technology systems, marketing and promotional activities of business and much more.  To understand better, this branch of law is divided into eight sub-branches, described below:

  • CONRACT LAW: This branch deals with agreement which is voluntarily entered by two or more parties for creating legal obligations between them.
  • COMPANIES LAW: This branch of law relates to law with regards to corporations, companies, partnerships and allied business organizations, etc.
  • COMPETITION LAW: This branch of law regulates, seeks and endorses competition in market by looking after anti-competitive behaviour by companies.
  • CONSUMER PROTECTION: This law governs the right of consumers against companies and the rules and provisions for the aid of consumers.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL LAW: This branch of law explains regulations, controls and treaties which report the outcomes of human activities on environment.
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW: This law explains regulations with regards to Patents Act, Copyright Act, Trademark Act and others. These pertain mainly in the field of Art, Science, Music and Literature.
  • INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW: This law relates to comprehensive guidelines and procedures required to manage trade between countries as well as managing disputes between international parties.
  • LABOUR LAW: This law helps in facilitating the relationship between government unions, workers and employees.

Every nation has its own structure of law which are implemented by the constitution of the country. We would hereby mention the topics covered under Commercial Law of Australia, U.K and U.S.A:

Australia’s Commercial Law: This covers various topics such as Authorities of agents, their power, legal relationships, transfer of property, and transfer of titles, partnership law relationship of liabilities and dissolutions between partners, and much more is included under Australia’s Commercial Law.

U.K’s Commercial Law: This covers aspects related to controlling the sale and purchase of goods and services. This includes the English Land Law, English personal property law, English trust’s law and U.K’s Intellectual Property Law. This law is composed of two very essential statutes which are Competition Act of 1998 and Enterprise Act of 2002.

U.S.A’s Commercial Law: Over the years, U.S.A has tried to change the structure of commercial law. It covers the interactions between employers and customers. It includes the US Senate’s regulatory authority over trade and commerce between states as well as individual power of states. An example of privacy and safety law includes the Occupational Safety and Health Act.


The stream of commerce forms the basis in a democratic society. The branches of economics and commerce are identical in many ways. For a country to be strong in economics, it should be strong in commerce too. For the same, strong set of laws and regulations are needed to safeguard businesses. These safeguards and regulations are well explained by studying the principles, fundamentals and legalities of Commercial Law


The domain of Commercial Law Assignment Help constitutes of many segments such as those mentioned below:

  • Corporate Law Assignment
  • Intellectual Property Law Assignment
  • Labour Law Assignment
  • E-commerce Law Assignment
  • International Trade Law Assignment
  • Property Law Assignment
  • Taxation Law Assignment
  • Contract Law Assignment
  • Consumer Protection Law Assignment
  • Companies Law Assignment
  • Competition Law Assignment

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