Constitutional Laws are those laws which are followed to guide the constitution of any country and elucidate the relationship between the different government entities (executive, legislative, judiciary). It is important for any rule made in democratic political structure to be in agreement with constitutional provisions as these laws are concerned directly with standards of rulemaking.

Every country has its own set of Constitutional Law which helps in maintaining the relations between various legal organizations. The working of government and legal principles is also included in the study of Constitutional Law. This law establishes the foundation of human rights in numerous countries. Different countries have different constitutional laws, few of which are discussed below:

The Constitutional Law of Australia: This is one of the simplest constitutions across the globe. These follow the federal laws and give the order to verify on constitutional laws.

The Constitutional Law of U.S.A: It is one of the most difficult constitutions of the globe and consists of 7 important topics. These  tell us about division of powers as well as about the federal country.

The Constitutional Law of U.K: The constitution of U.K. is mainly unwritten and jumbled up. The parliament can change the law anytime and is like a mixture of research, judgement of court and other related topics. students worldwide


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  • Supremacy of Constitutional Law over others
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  • Police Discretion within criminal process
  • Prerogative Powers
  • Critical Legal Studies Analysis
  • Doctrine of Binding Precedent
  • Constitutional Conventions in Westminister System of Government
  • Doctrines and Institutions of Responsible Government
  • Entrenched Liberties From Codified Constitution
  • Historical Developments Of Separation Of Powers
  • Freedom of the press
  • Civil liberties
  • Freedom of speech, association and assembly
  • Voting and representation

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