The term ‘Microbiology’ consists of two words – Micro and Biology. Micro means tiny and can be observed only via a microscope. The term biology means the study of organisms. The study of microscopic organisms is termed as microbiology. The two different branches of Microbiology are Pure Microbiology and Applied Microbiology. The different fields of microbiology are virology, mycology, parasitology, bacteriology, immune biology and others. The study of Microbiology explains different types of organisms and also explains the characteristics of these organisms. The organisms studied in microbiology are unicellular, multicellular as well as acellular. Few other diversions in this subject are virology, parasitology, bacteriology and mycology. Microbiology also covers how bacteria came into existence and how these are used for the benefit of mankind. Many scientists have contributed to the study of microbiology such as Pasteur and Koch.

The study of microbiology helps researchers to understand evolutionary aspects such as genetic architecture, physical characteristics and others. The various fields of microbiology are explained below:

  • Bacteriology: This branch of study specializes in biochemistry of bacteria. The microorganisms play a significant role in the field of medical sciences which in turn is responsible for prevalence of diseases through water and air.
  • Parasitology: This field of study is concerned much with the relation between guests and host micro-organisms. On the basis of living environment, the study is divided into four basic categories which are medical, veterinary, structural as well as quantitative.
  • Virology: This branch studies viruses, their evolution and their detailed classification.

This study also explains the importance of viruses in human immune system and the concept of vaccination.

  • Mycology: This branch of Microbiology refers to taxonomy of organisms such as entheogens, algae, fungi and others. This field of study also focuses on physiology of botanical microbes and the way it affects human beings in terms of vegetation, agricultural benefits, existence and other aspects.

The popular micro-organisms are fungi, viruses and bacteria. Bacteria have single cells and they reproduce through asexual mode. Bacteria do not have any nucleus or organelles. The five groups of bacteria are spherical bacteria, rod-shaped bacteria, spiral bacteria, corkscrew bacteria as well as comma-shaped bacteria. Human beings are infected by different bacteria which cause infections. Viruses are simple inside a capsule and they rely on the host body for reproduction. Fungi are unicellular or multicellular microorganisms and their life cycle is quite complicated. They reside as parasites in the plant. Fungi influence human beings and animals in many ways. As an expert in Microbiology, you may get various job opportunities such as that of a cell biologist, bacteriologist, parasitologist, clinical microbiologists, and others.


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