Pharmacology is an area of medicine that concentrates much on the research study of power of drugs. As a biomedical scholar, you need to deal with discovery, research as well as characterization of chemicals. Pharmacology is a division of medical science which focuses much on the action or reaction of a drug. This branch studies the effects of interaction between living cells and chemicals. Pharmacology is divided into fields such as neuropharmacology, clinical pharmacology, behavioural pharmacology, environmental pharmacology, psychopharmacology and pharmacogenetics. The principal concerns of Pharmacology are drug composition and their properties, drug synthesis and design, medical applications, and much more.

Pharmacology is a procedure of medication that emphasizes much on investigation study of the influence of a drug. Pharmacology studies the association between chemicals and organisms. Medical investigation studies recognize the effects of chemical agents on physiological, behavioural as well as general chemical agents.

The study of Pharmacology involves the study of various diseases such as dementia, cancer, neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases and many infections. Pharmacological knowledge is too essential for the welfare of the society, so as understand related phenomenons. Older viruses become much resistant to the medicines, mainly antibiotics and thus, the pharmacologists search for newer types of these medicines/drugs.

There are several branches of pharmacology, and these are well explained below:

  • TOXICOLOGY: This branch of study deals with unfavourable and unwanted effects of chemicals or drugs on the body.
  • PHARMACOKINETICS: This field of study deals with absorption of the drug by the body and its relationship with the effects of drugs.
  • CHEMOTHERAPY: This branch of study deals with treatment of neoplastic as well as infectious diseases with the help of many antibiotics.
  • THERAPEUTICS: This branch of study deals with the treatment of several diseases and therapeutics as well.
  • CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY: This pharmacological branch deals with the study of drugs in human beings.
  • PHARMACODYNAMICS: This branch of study deals with learning the actions of drugs and their biochemical as well as physiological effects on human beings.
  • PHARMACOGNOSY: This branch of study deals with recognition of drugs by merely seeing or smelling it.


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