Business Communication is a subject that involves the process of transmitting information that is viatal for the business within a business framework. Business communication is crucial for a company and it assists in public relations, customer relations, marketing, establishing interpersonal relationships, employee engagement and much more.

Business communication is based on certain assumptions and principles that are defined in the form of models. The models of business communication are listed below:

  • Shannon and weaver model of communication: This is comprised of various sources such as message, signal, receiver and the transmitter. This model of communication starts from encoding of message by the sender and transmitting the same through channels while including the aspect of noise. This message is then decoded by the receiver who in turn provides the feedback.
  • Linear communication model: This provides a one way network for transmitting information. Herewith, the receiver absorbs message that is transmitted by the sender.
  • Berlo’s model of communication: This model of communication is the one that pays focus on relationship between sender and the receiver. This model of communication defines business communication as sender message channel receiver model, which considers the emotional aspect of a message(based on feelings and emotions of the sender and the receiver).
  • Interactive model of communication: This model is also known as convergence model of communication. This model poses many questions in Business Communication assignments which at times get complex for students.

Business Communication refers to the exchange of data or information in the correct format. Communication needs to be accurate and effective in any business process. The various functions of management are planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling – which are all dependent solely on an effective communication process.


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