The subject of Accounting and Finance helps in understanding financial statements to evaluate the performance of businesses. In other words, this subject helps in collection, analysis, and communication of financial information. The performance of businesses is affected by four fundamental drivers of profitability. These are mentioned below.

Asset management
Cost management
Leverage management
Tax management

Various areas of improvement in businesses are identified by studying accounting and finance. Another aspect of finance involves managing costs. Therefore, students and individuals resorting to such courses learn to prepare cost sheets and budget on the basis of financial decisions. Furthermore, these subjects also provide an overview of financial markets to raise capital. Management of working capital for various business plans becomes possible through studying accounting and finance. The study of accounting involves gaining further insight into the budget analysis, auditing, business strategies, financial reporting, forensic accounting, micro/macroeconomics, management accounting, risk management, tax accounting and much more. Accounting also involves periodic reporting of financial data. This includes various business transactions, making adjustments in ledgers, closing the books, preparing financial statements and much more. The study of finance involves financial management, financial planning, financial engineering, financial reporting, international finance, private equity, risk management, venture capital and much more. The accountants of businesses and firms record all transactions and activities that have financial consequences. They also participate in various strategies such as mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, people who control businesses and make important decisions in planning and management need to be involved in financial and accounting strategies of their business.


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