Computer Programming is known as the heart of computer science, and is closely related to computer software engineering. However, these fields share unique responsibilities. Programming experts work with languages such as C++, Java, Visual Basics. This allows conversion of software design into a format that can be processed easily by computers. Therefore, computer programming allows the process of writing instructions that can be executed easily by computers. These instructions are known as “codes” which are easily understood by computers to perform a given task or solve a problem. The courses in this branch serve as a useful foundation for those planning to have their careers in computer engineering, computer science or software engineering.

Basic Computer Programming refers to the analysis of a problem and development of a logical sequence of instructions for an appropriate solution. Therefore, the work of the computer programmer is to find out the most efficient code as a solution to a given task. Various tasks of a computer programmer include determination of the right programming language to use, coding, testing, debugging and appropriate documentation so that the solution can be easily understood by others.

There are various programming courses in top universities and institutions including Harvard, Microsoft and W3C that help you understand the fundamentals involved in this subject. One could start with the basic introductory course offered by the university or the institution such as “Introduction to Computer Science” and “Programming Using Python” and others. Thereafter, I could learn different computer programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML, R, C++ and many more. One should make efforts to find out which computer programming language is the best to achieve a particular solution for a given task. Various online computer programming courses are available to provide advanced training in this subject. There are thousands of jobs available for a computer programmer. People who want to learn computer programming can opt for any of the languages and find many opportunities thereafter as per their expertise. Therefore, you may start as a junior programmer in a company and then climb up the ladder to become a software engineer or the Chief Technology Officer.


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