Business Management is one of the basic subjects of an MBA degree and it depicts the way of exercising control in an organization by using the various available resources, so as to manufacture goods and services within a stipulated time period. Thus, business management usually involves pre-planning, supervising and devising appropriate strategies, so as to market or country situation. Thus Business Management involves studying operations management, marketing management strategic management and other aspects. The subject also facilitates the understanding of managing and regulating the process of organization in a business or group of individuals performing a set of activities.

The subject of business management is divided into various other categories, few of which are listed below:

  • Financial Management: It includes processes related to management of finance in an organization. It also deals with running expenditure and cash flow in an organization, so as to mange various activities on a financial front. Financial management also contributes in the decisions taken by top management of an organization.
  • Operations Management: This focuses on activities of a business team. It helps in enhancement of growth of the organization, so as to execute the policies in a pre-decided manner.
  • Customer Management: This is one of the most essential tools of marketing which is basically concerned with clientele. It focuses on promoting services to the client, It also focuses on improving customer experience towards products and services. The subject also focuses on managing decision mobility in the era of change management, so as to manage resources in an effective manner.
  • Production Management: This constitutes an essential tool of business management. It basically looks for development of key skill sets, so as to focus on effectiveness of production process. The process also depends upon general operations and efficiency of an organization. This ultimately improves upon the growth processes of a company.

Business Management is a canvas subject that involves various aspects of management such as HR, finance, operations, etc. If you would want to aspire a career as a manager, you need to undertake all these subjects seriously. The subject of business management involves undertaking various skills such as leadership skills, finance skills, decision making skills, communication skills, business management skills and others.


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